Berlin awaits you!

Hello, my name is Tom Williamson,

Marx-Engels Monument, Berlin.and I would like to be your Berlin tour guide. If you or your group are in need of a practical day to day guide or escort to both get and make the most out of your Berlin visit, I am your man. I am an American, living here in Berlin as a city guide now for over 11 years. I am in love with Berlin and it is not just apparent on my tours but is also contagious! Berlin is like a cut diamond, fascinating and with multiple facets to discover. Let me help you find the Berlin you wish to experience. I am a trained guide and historian, yet love to have fun. So even though the history of Berlin can sometimes be very sobering, laughter will be had on my tours.

Unique Touring

A view of Berliner Dom from the Spree River, Berlin - Tom Williamson

Whether you are seeking the “best” of Berlin, or wish to venture off the beaten path, or perhaps would like to experience a theme tour, or would just like a companion to enjoy the city with, I can provide exactly what you are looking for. My Berlin tours are unique. You can “select, cut and paste” your tour together and we will create one that will be the highlight of your visit. See and feel Berlin like a Berliner! If you only have a few days here, taking my tour when you first arrive will give you a “kick start” to your Berlin stay. At the end of our day you will know the city, how to get around, what is where and what you might want to further see on your own time. Berlin is safe and fun to explore.



Although Berlin is a big city, most all of the major sites are within easy walking distance. All of my tours are walking tours.


I can reserve a vehicle and driver if you have mobility problems or would rather ride (see fees).


Berlin is flat and has a 100 million Euro bicycle trail system. All of my tours can be enjoyed utilizing bicycles too. Bicycles are easily rented all over Berlin. Bowing to weather factors we may decide as late as the morning of the tour whether to use bicycles or not. It’s fun and safe!


Although I specialize in individual and small groups, I regularly also tour groups of up to 15 people. For all of my tours with more than two people I utilize an earphone system. In a group tour your guide must gather the group, then make a small speech, then quickly move on to the next site. In between is lost walking time. But with earphones everyone can comfortably hear me in one ear so they must not strain to hear. I can also relate information as we walk, allowing me to impart much more about the city than other standard tours and absolutely perfect for small School/University groups. This is also a big plus with bicycle touring.


I work by the hour and on a sliding scale of payment. You yourself decide at the end of our touring day what you would like to pay me. I’ll explain when you contact me >>.


Most all of my tours are between 4 and 5 hours in duration but can be as short as 3 if you have time restrictions. I frequently tour my guests for two days, focusing on Berlin West one day and Berlin East the second. Have a look at my Berlin tours >>

Berlin Videos

A few fun short history / architecture videos I have made for other Berlin blogsites. They shed a small light on my personality.

Watch some more Berlin Videos on YouTube:

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