Sony Center, Berlin. Part of an old hotel that survived WWII and is now encapsulated into Sony Center.

Berlin Lite

For visitors who do not feel like taking a tour, yet do not want to spend the day alone. I can accompany you throughout the city for the day and focus on what you want to do, from seeing museums to shopping. It is always more fun to tour a new city with a friendly local that can quickly and efficiently get you around.
This is your relax day to encounter the city, let me help you make it both pleasant and easier!

Hunting lodge for the Hohenzollern royal family in the forests of Grunewald, Berlin - Schloss Grunewald


This tour is the exact opposite of my other tours. This is a bicycle only tour that immediately leaves the city and explores the extraordinary nature preserves that surround Berlin. In minutes we are in a full nature forest, on a bike trail and away from civilization. If you are not from this climate and have never seen a deciduous rainforest, than this might interest you. We leisurely roll through stunning forests, swamps and pastures to one of the many lakes that surround the city, have lunch (and perhaps a swim) and return. Live Berlin like a local! Get out and see why 86% of Berliners say they would never think of moving from the city. (12,5 miles or 20 kilometers).

Artwork, Berlin, dedicated to the Jewish families that were destroyed and displaced in WWII

Jewish Berlin

The Jewish story in Berlin is both remarkable and tragic. The amazing rise and ultimate eradication of the Jewish community is documented through sites in the city. I am not Jewish, but I have had the pleasure of touring hundreds of Jews throughout the years. They have both educated and sensitized me. Rosenstrasse, New Synagogue, Old Cemetery, Boys School, Hausvogteiplatz, Holocaust Memorial and much more.

Soviet Memorial, Treptow, Berlin


Might you have a special plan? Do you have a school group and want to focus on one subject? Do you want to go to certain places outside of the city and do not want to go alone? Do you want to be shown the best shopping places in the city? (it happens!) Then let me work with you to make this special day run smoothly.

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